Daily rate checker for IT support contractors

Pay is one of the main motivators of contract based work so of course, you’ll want to know that you’re getting paid the going rate. With this in mind,SJD Accountancy in partnership with Technojobs have built a Contractor rate checker. This unique tool helps contractors find the average daily rates for any IT job in any area nationally. Not only this, but by clicking through to ‘find jobs’ you’ll be taken straight through to a specific job search on the Technojobs website.

The checker also outlines how much you could be taking home through a Limited company. If you’re currently working through an umbrella company this tool is extremely useful for comparing your current take home pay with the net pay that you could be getting through a Limited Company.

On average, SJD has found that you’ll take home 75-80% of your contract through a Limited Company compared with 60-65% through an Umbrella company.

If you’re interested in going limited, have a read of some of SJD’s webpages.

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If you’re an experienced contractor looking at the options, take a look at:

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